Deep Stats

Capture and report on virtually any statistic — evaluate your team using the same data pros use.

Real Time Play Entry

Point-and-click data entry makes entering game data fast and easy, from the sideline or the press box.

Works on Any Device

Varsity Statbook runs in a browser — even when you're offline. You can use PC, Mac, iPad or Android.

Multiple Teams & Seasons

Use Varsity Statbook for your Varsity and JV squads, then graduate players each season.

HUDL & MaxPreps

Export your game data to HUDL and MaxPreps at the click of a button. Loading stats has never been so easy.

Quick Reports

Detailed team, player & box score reports allow you to easily send stats to newspapers & parents.

Post-Game Editor

Convenient tool for editing your stats against game video — match your plays up to each video sequence.

Custom Reporting

What is your QB's pass efficiency when throwing left in the 4th quarter? Our custom reports let you easily find out.

Simple Roster Management

Import your players from Excel or enter them manually. Players graduate each year to minimize ongoing work.

Varsity Statbook is for fans too!

Real-time Gametracker

Fans can follow their favorite team's games online with our real-time Gametracker. See plays as they happen.

Any Game, Any Season

Catch up tonight's game action or relive a game from two years ago. Games can be accessed at any time.

Follow Player Stats

Keep track of how your team's players are doing, and how they stack up against the competition.