About Varsity Statbook

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to track and report in-depth game statistics.

Recognizing the need for a faster and easier system to capture in-game stats at the Prep level, we began development of the Varsity Statbook data entry system in 2011. To date, we’ve developed, tested and launched a product to market that is capable of managing, reporting and exporting full game and player statistics across multiple devices. The Varsity Statbook program is currently available for football with basketball coming soon.

Varsity Statbook, LLC is owned and operated by Big Game Software, LLC (www.biggamesoftware.com). Based in Elmhurst, Illinois, Big Game Software formed in 2006 to provide software application licensing and development for the sports industry. Big Game’s focus has been on statistics-intensive applications such as fantasy football products and baseball sabermetrics analysis engines. Big Game has served clients large and small across the US such as ESPN, Bassmaster and Reality Sports Online.